Luvessenitals selger feromon produkter som appellerer til alle. Pheromones kan brukes av single på jakt etter en kant i å tiltrekke det motsatte kjønn eller par som ønsker å reignite at romantisk gnist.

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Want to get that edge? Our pheromones for men can give you the unfair advantage that Mother Nature never gave you. Our optimized blends of the best pheromones available can help dramatically improve your love life and increase your chances of having more sexual encounters with women.

60-day guarantee

Scientists at San Francisco State University found that women who had pheromone added to their perfume reported a more than 50% increase in sexual attention from men. Our optimized blends of copulin pheromone products can dramatically increase the romance in your life, help make men crazy about you, and ignite your love life.

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